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Bare vexed

Is slang really taking over da English language????

Slang is clever because it encodes a lot of information for example if I came into school and my teacher said to me why you bare vexed it wouldn’t be right because of the age that he is and the fact that most of the young youth use slang.

She talks about how Shakespeare’s English language is being taken over by slang but slang came from Shakespeare so she is contradicted herself. Slang can means words which are just shortening different words from the English dictionary, in fact it is very smart because you can say the same word which has different meanings.

When you hear the word slang people think especially the older generation that most of the words that the young youth use are bad.


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Now And Then

For this I will chose the arsenal stadium old/new

I will use two instrumentals which goes with the two pictures and that will get the viewers emotions.

When I get a picture of the old stadium hopefully I will find a picture that makes the atmosphere gloomy and bad, but when I use the new picture hopefully I will find one that look bright so it becomes a change of scene.

The music I am choosing is expected to start off slow with the first picture then fast and exciting with the second picture so it’s like a celebration.

The moment you walk into the stadium you hear chants of the excited fans getting ready for the teams to come out.

It’s quiet everything is still, not one movement in the north side of London. All you can hear is the wind singing and the trees brushing. The stadium is empty old foot prints on the pitch bringing back memories. The sky all gloomy the whole place is full of ghosts the chairs are still left the same way from the last match, if you listen carefully you can even hear the manager shouting at the players and the crowd cheering. Every one minute a bit of the arsenal name on the stadium falls off getting ready for the whole stadium to come down. The nets of the goals flying around the stadium like snow flakes, the painted lines on the pitch looking like someone has driven their car over it more than 100 times, old tickets still under peoples chairs and tears from the last match around the stadium from the fans knowing it was the last match in the stadium. The big Nike tick across the bright red chairs is fading away, the stadium now looks more like a playground which children haven’t in before.

The new stadium is open, fans outside waiting to get in, the brand new arsenal sign glowing on the wall with faces of the old players. When you get to the pitch all you can see are red and white seats which match the kit, the grass looking more green then a ever and the goal post all white digging straight into the pitch,

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English creative writing

Never judge a book by its cover:
I remember the first time I saw you at the bus stop, the camera zoom right into you making you look smooth with your chest out, but I didn’t pay any attention. When I got home I put the telly on then I saw you again looking more beautiful than ever, everything was in the right order my mouth was melting and I thought to myself, I need you in my hands but I was too tired to go out for you.
The next day I was doing my work on the computer and I saw an add about one of your friends which got me thinking about you again, so I left my house to collect what was mine! Along the way it was like everyone had you which got me jealous watching people take one big chunk out of you with all your red tomato sauce on their shirt, they were treating you as if you were only 99p. When I got you in my hands I removed the rapper so slowly it was as if I met my soul mate you were glowing like the stars but then I opened you and saw what you really looked like. I felt unloved, you told me I would love you yet it was just the opposite. When I saw you I felt ill, the glow was oil pouring down you which got all over my hands like I just washed them, the cheese which was all over I never knew you could be such a heartless thing, on the outside you looked lovely to eat but in the inside you are just burnt.
It was as if you put me under a spell, making me believe that I would love you by hypnotizing me. When I was under your spell I had such strong emotions for you, it hurt me to see you getting passed around like you were worthless but now I know you really are, watching people put their dirty teeth inside you made me feel sick but now I know why they ate you in such a rough way, I felt that you were the most important thing to me until I met you.
The two days I saw you I thought you were the most important thing to me, the little tune that played when you came on would get stuck in my head which meant I would always think of you, I now know that when you said you are loving it you told a lie, you made everyone think that they would love you but that didn’t happen when they met you.
But then I feel for your stupid spell again your best friend that I went to in the morning, it had everything in all the pictures, the right size, price, and what was inside it. When I saw the advert in the morning before I left for work I just knew I had to buy you because I couldn’t start work without eating anything, so I had to, I couldn’t fight it, I went and bought it. I spent £1.29 on you and I regretted it so much, you came so small and the egg wasn’t cooked right, the bread was hard and the bacon was chewy.
Everyone can keep saying that they will not eat you anymore but that would be a lie whenever we see you on TV, poster or bus stops we will fall back in love with until something else comes along but for the mean time ‘I’m loving it’.

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McDonalds spice festival 2012

Why do you look so nice on telly but look horrible when I open you? I feel that I don’t love you anymore.

Every time i come to pick you up there’s always a different man giving me to you and I makes me think I’m not the only person in your life.

In see all these nice pictures of you but when we really meet your not that nice. Everything is in the right order, your insides looks so nice that I could eat them but in reality you’re a different person.

You used to tell people that you love them but when you realised that I was the only one who did you stopped saying it.

In your picture it looked like I you knew how to look after yourself but when I saw you you looked messy.

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‘Maybe everbody in the whole damn world is scared of each other’

All of the characters had a dream in life and to get to that dream they had to work for it. Done of them were happy where they were but to gain the dream they wanted they needed money, they all worked on the same land and wanted to leave because some people didn’t get treated right such as crooks who they suite people make stay in the barn away from everyone one else because he is black. ‘Maybe everbody in the whole damn world is scared of each other’, this shows the anger that some people have to others. They have anger at each other because they all want the same dream and they know that they want all get it so they have to be very competitive. Steinbeck does this so the reader understanders the situation in the way they work and the way they have to be greedy.

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The headline is in bold so it automatically gets the your eye. It is linked to the article because it says ‘up up and away the day that the armchair travel really took off’ Jonathan Trappe the man who connected several balloons to an armchair and flue over from Kent to France. The picture show lots of different colored balloons connected to the armchair flying over a beautiful blue sea, I am very sure you would have love to try this because I know I would. There is a film called up which is very similar to this article, it is about an old man who’s wife has died and he wants to live a new life in a different country but he does not have enough money to go, so he gets hundreds of balloons which he has connected to his chimney coming out the top and flies away. Jonathan took this option of flying away like this because he said ‘a hot air balloon is very beautiful but makes a loud roar but a gas balloon is the only aircraft that flies in complete silence.

Jonathan also says ‘didnt you have this dream, just this wonderful fantasy of grabbing on to a toy balloons and floating into the open space’. In the picture Jonathan is in the air flying in the open space going where ever the wind will take him.

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I learnt that in Ben leaches article becoming a big issue because lots of people say different things about it such as “This area of Cornwall is famous for the scenery and the views. It is a wild and beautiful area of countryside. The wind farm would violate what is a very tranquil, distinct and beautiful landscape, and reduce it to insignificance behind a barrage of rotating turbines.”

From what I have been reading from this person I know that they wouldn’t want the wind farm to come and destroy what they think is a beautiful countryside.

“The biggest threat to the UK’s and the world’s habitats and wildlife is catastrophic climate change. To do anything about that we have to change the way we use and produce energy and that does mean expanding the amount of renewable energy we use.
“The local impact is vitally important but it’s part of the wider impact. We would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we rejected wind out of hand because of purely local considerations.”

From all these quotes I have seen I don’t think any of these people want the wild farm to come into their

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This play is set during the latter days of the Roman Empire and tells a fictional story of Titus. It is Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most violent work and traditionally was one of his least respected plays. Although it was extremely popular in its day, it fell out of favour during the Victorian era, primarily because of what was considered to be a distasteful use of graphic violence, but from around the middle of the twentieth century its reputation began to improve.


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